League Presidents

District 41 Local League Presidents List (10/1/16 - 9/30/17) 

Alpine American LL = Melanie Jones 619-669-8782 dennismelandkids@yahoo.com

Cajon De Oro LL = Josh Bailey 619-438-4017 josh.bailey@syntec.carlisle.com 

El Cajon National LL = Heather Bryce 619-888-4565 Tankgrl@hotmail.com

El Cajon Western LL = Chad Ruiz 619-368-9833 chad_ruiz@hotmail.com

Fletcher Hills LL = Erik Weichelt 619-850-5358 fhllerik@gmail.com

Jamul LL = Mark Tamborski  jamul.littleleaguepresident@gmail.com

Julian LL = Jonathan Nagel 619-905-3017  jonny5isalive@yahoo.com   

Lakeside American LL = Mandie Dye 619-916-7845 Mandie.dye@gmail.com   

Lakeside National LL = Andy Kelly 619-933-6415 alk1430@yahoo.com

Mt. Empire = Jacob Wuest 619-402-0183 jjwuest@yahoo.com  

Rancho San Diego LL =  Mike Burrows  rsdllpresident@gmail.com

Rios Canyon LL = Tessa Borgerding 619-961-7363 Ljlove10@gmail.com

Santana National LL = Jesse Bosand 619-647-2521 jessebosand@cox.net  

Santee Pioneer LL = Jason Lajoie 619-504-6219 spnllpresident@gmail.com

Singing Hills LL = Brian Baird 619-772-2813 bairdo5555@yahoo.com

West Hills LL = Ken Robak 619-666-4600 krobak@cox.net


"League Presidents To-Do Check List":  

  • Promote and attend provided training & clinics :  

    League Charter Form and Fees make sure these are processed quickly then turned in to LL Hq

  • A.S.A.P. Safety Report & Lighting Audit  and 

  • Volunteer Background Checks (on all persons dealing with "kids")  and

  • Basic First Aid Clinic this is a MUST for your league! Need help with setting one up contact Jeremy Amison D41 Safety Officer, Email: amison26@gmail.com  Dist. 41 will mail out your report for your league; provide copies to Kim Mowrey.

  • League Constitution  And By-Laws (ALL LEAGUES) Review, Revise and turn in to Kim Mowery D41 Admin.

  • Rule Waivers or Player Waivers (hardship, IV(h) or II(d) all due in April 

  • L.L. Rule books (order from Western Regional either on line or by phone)

  • All Star 'Programs provided via Dist. 41.  Contact Kim Mowrey for details.

  • Player Assessment Fees are $4 for each player from each league

  • TOC & All Star Tournament "Host" leagues request

  • TOC Tournament Fees

  • All Star Charter and Fees...

  • Board of Directors newly elected list emailed to Kim Mowrey D41 Administrator in June

  • Winter Ball Director Contact information email to Kim Mowrey D41 Administrator in June/July

    Any comments, questions and concerns regarding new season please click on Dist. Staff for contact information. 

     League Information Officers... please continue to update your local league  web sites with current information and training being provided to volunteers. (locally and at Western Regional Headquarters)

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